#WoodForTheTrees - A series of interviews exploring the future of Britain's forests - see woodforthetrees.uk  or #woodforthetrees  on Youtube.

A better future for our woodlands. 12 ideas to help British forests grow. 


In the run up to COP26 we asked woodland experts for their policy suggestions for the government on trees and forests.

A summary of our 2 years filming #woodforthetrees

#1 Introduction - The Future of Britain's Forests

#6 Doug King-Smith- Small Woodlands - Challenges and Opportunities 

#10 - Alastair Driver - Rewilding:

Regenerating the Treescape

#7 Cordelia Rowlatt and Chris Smaje- Agroforestry: The Benefits of Growing

Trees on Farms

Introduction to Vastern Timber and to Brimstone.  Experimental videos commissioned by Vastern Timber